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Math for the Family

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For the Love of Willow Walk - Sequel

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Symmetry by Joyce Scarbrough

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Joyce Sterling Scarbrough's Symmetry is a wonderful book! Both evocative and touching in its depiction of a difficult period in a marriage, it also conveys a sense of transformation and discovery as the main character, Jess, discovers there is real help for a hair-pulling disorder she has.


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Joyce A. Anthony - Author of - STORM

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Billie Williams - Author

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Katherine's Song - by Linda Lane

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 Linda Lane - Author - Editor - Publisher - Pens and Sword Publishers, LTD  -              ...

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Owen Fiddler by Marvin D. Wilson

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Owen Fiddler by Marvin D. Wilson

Meet Owen Fiddler...just an average kind of guy who takes no responsibility for anyrhing, and everything going wrong in his life is someone else`s fault. He's no ro...

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Pat McCain - Author

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New Beginnings    

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Gayle Kretschmer - The Watermellon Patch

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                  Website -

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The Willow Walk series by S.K. Hamilton


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   S.K. Hamilton

       How would you like to throw your worries to the wind and vanish  into a brand new world?

      Escape -  fly the coop - take to the woods - run away for however long you wish. 

     Well...you can do just that.  The Romantic/mysteries-- Willow Walk series will transport you out of your own space into the lives of others.

      You'll find new reasons to love, to dream and to wish and hope. You'll meet characters you'll love, hate, and some you'll never forget. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to know what skeltons hide in Willow Walk's closets.

      The Kahills are a breed all their own yet they're just like any one of us.

        Keep in mind, books make wonderful gifts. And while you're at it give yourself one. 

      Sylvia K. Hamilton






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