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The Kahills of Willow Walk  -   For the Love of Willow Walk



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                                                             Forever Willow Walk

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This review is from: Forever Willow Walk (Paperback)

Beginning at the graveside service for patriarch Jedediah Kahill, this continuation of the Kahill family saga finds them struggling to move on after the old man's passing. Grandson Dawson Kahill feels inadequate to fill Jedediah's large shoes, even though his wife, Kat, assures him that he has learned well the many lessons taught by his grandfather. But Kat herself isn't being completely honest. She hides a secret, an intended surprise for Granddad Jedediah that he never knew and that her husband doesn't want to know.

Neighbor Cannon Fox also harbors a secret, one that will forever change the lives of the Kahill family. The bad blood between the Kahills and the Foxes has charged through the veins of both families for well over a century and shows no signs of changing until a new employee of the Willow Walk Ski Lodge blows the lid off a truth that stuns the Kahills and nearly destroys Kat.

The story follows young Joey Kahill and Molly Anna O'Malley - born on the same traumatic day - through the preschoolers' antics they lead their parents on a wild chase to keep up with them. Like his beloved great-grandfather, Joey is strong-willed, opinionated, and full of life. Molly Anna shadows his every move, and the two vow to marry one day, despite the fact that Molly Anna won't let little Joey kiss her. Smiling at the seriousness of the children's stated intentions, Kat and Dawson know that few plans of early childhood come to fruition and are certain the youngsters will find their separate ways as the years pass.

The stunning conclusion to volume three in the Kahill family saga takes the story full circle and leaves the door open just a crack should author S. K. Hamilton want one day to write yet another story about this fascinating West Virginia family.



The magnificent old mansion of Willow Walk stood through generations of ownership by the Kahill family of Wheeling, West Virginia. It survived the war between the states. If walls could talk, oh the tales the old homestead could tell—secrets, life, death, births, love, hate, loses, triumphs, madness...


So... if you want to meet the skeletons in WillowWalk's closet,  pull  up   a chair, open the book, and let The Kahills of Willow Walk wisk  you through pages of mystery, suspense, romance, intrigue and secrets. You will learn that Granddad Jedediah runs a tight ship as patriarch of the old homestead. The secrets— well—you'll just have to read the books.


                Jedediah Joseph Kahill

 Granddad Jedediah Joseph Kahill makes no bones about his son's failing to uphold the Kahill name. Cable Kahill doesn't deserve Willow Walk and Granddad sees to it he won't get it. The old man longs for just one thing in the winter of his life—that his grandson Dawson, will present him with a namesake. 

 WOULD this happen? COULD it happen?

               Dawson  Kingsly  Kahill


Dawson kingsly Kahill lives up to his granddad's expectations after his father fails miserably. As new owner of the family homestead, Willow Walk, he knows his life is headed in the right direction. Then his mentally unbalanced wife vows that Willow Walk will be hers in the divorce settlement - or there will be no divorce.


                                Katarina Renee` Kahill



Katarina Kahill spends her whole life looking up to her big brother. He fixes everything from the skinned knees of childhood to the exquisite design for her new fashion boutique. But can he fix her broken heart?

Her boutique is second to none and her training along with her natural talent places her at the top of the ladder--even tops in New York City.


Lincoln Colter Wolf  - Owner of Wolf International Fashions



Lincoln Colter Wolf ,  known by many women  as the most gorgeous man on earth, not to mention the most corrupt. He  climbed every infected rung of the social ladder to the top, stepping on anyone who got in his way.  Corporate Shark of Wolf International Fashions, left the ladies  gasping for air . Katrina Kahill saddly, subjected to his charm and deceiving character learned—the hard way, but Rebecca Wolf and Lillian Rae learned to late. 

   Rebecca Wolf - Lincoln Wolf's  billionaire wife.

 She's rich. She's beautiful. She's honest. She's smart. And she's in love with her husband, Lincoln Wolf.  She trusts him.  This is her first mistake. She's used to facing death because she comes so close, so often. The woman is made of steel; tempered with resillence.  She'll live to see the day when someone in her life is very, very sorry.

  Lillian Rae - Mistress and lead fashion designer for Wolf International

 She's sex personfied. She sizzles! She lights up Lincoln Wolf's eyes and keeps him wetting his lips for more. Lincoln and Lillian are two of a kind in every way.  Lillian takes the awards for her fashions for six years, putting Wolf International at the top and Lincoln takes the award for most ruthless Corporate shark  in the fashion industry.

She and Lincoln think alike and behave alike.  They're both too selfish to know what REAL love is but they work and play together quite well.

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