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Math for the Family

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Math for the Family

Who said math couldn't be fun? Math for the Family is a reference book, both educational and entertaining. I cover everything from before zero and numbers up through Boolean logic. There are no problems to work yet there are examples. Even though you may know how to add can you also add fractions and decimals? The same goes for all the other basic functions. This book is a great reference not only for every member of the family but for college students as well. There are 12 appendices from the multiplication table (through the 12's) to ascii table and Greek alphabet. Check it out:




Laughs From Corn Country

Having a rough day? Nothing like a good laugh to take the edge off. Laughs from Corn Country is an anthology of short, silly stories. Do your coffee cups rebel when you put tea instead of coffee in them? Do your teabags try to escape? Characters in this hilarious story come in the form of coffee cups, teabags, and even spaghetti.




For the Love of Willow Walk - Sequel

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This sequel to The Kahills of Willow Walk follows the lives of the Kahill family into the next generation, a generation that will forever change the destiny of the Kahill family. Love, crises, heartbreak, tragedy, and hope--emotions and events that touch almost every family--reach out to the reader in this compelling Kahill saga.

Coming soon! Forever Willow Walk - 3rd in series



Symmetry by Joyce Scarbrough

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Joyce Sterling Scarbrough's Symmetry is a wonderful book! Both evocative and touching in its depiction of a difficult period in a marriage, it also conveys a sense of transformation and discovery as the main character, Jess, discovers there is real help for a hair-pulling disorder she has.

                              Don't miss this one.

Joyce A. Anthony - Author of - STORM

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"Storm is the greatest true story ever re-told before it comes true...Plan on a few hours of uninterrupted trance-like reading," - Marvin D. Wilson


Ron Berry said: "You do not read Storm so much as you feel it." 

What do a prostitute, an abused child, a disllusioned minister, a Vietnam Vet and a homosexual have in common? These and many others find their lives changed when they meet Storm and his companion, an amethyst-eyed dog named Maggie.


Joyce has donated a portion of all royalties from STORM to "Stop It Now," an animal protection program. She's to be commended highly for this compassionate gesture.    S.K. Hamilton

Billie Williams - Author

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Billie A. Williams, Author of Knapsack Scerets and more.


Billie A. Williams is an award-winning author and freelance writer. In addition to an array of other projects she is the owner of the Word-Mage group and their monthly ezine for writers. She is also author of a series of How to Write - for mystery and fiction writers of other genres. Her most recent mystery suspense novel "Bed and Breadfast Murders," released January 2006 from Wiings ePress, Inc. Books. Visit Billie's website at www.billiewilliams.com.

Billie A Williams

Mystery with an edge

Suspense with sass

Romance with sizzle

Writing Resource Book Reviews


Katherine's Song - by Linda Lane

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 Linda Lane - Author - Editor - Publisher - Pens and Sword Publishers, LTD  -                  www.familybookhouse.com


There are so many positives about Katherine's Song that it is difficult to know where to begin. A realistic novel about families in crisis...a very well integrated story...careful attention to details. Linda Lane had delicately crafted a story depicting the strength of a family's love when faced with hardship, sorrow, and the cunning of evil within its midst. Katherine's Song evokes a wide range of emotions within the reader.

Owen Fiddler by Marvin D. Wilson

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Owen Fiddler by Marvin D. Wilson

Meet Owen Fiddler...just an average kind of guy who takes no responsibility for anyrhing, and everything going wrong in his life is someone else`s fault. He's no role model for you or your kids, but reading his story will learn ya a thing or two, and that's a fact. This is an entertaining, thought-provoking, humorous and spirtually insightful book which will surely have you thinking about your own life.

Available From :


www.amazon.com or your favorite bookstore!

Pat McCain - Author

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New Beginnings    

A love story of times past and times present set in the Highlands of Scotland. When two misty entities invite Alexandra Williams into their ancient world, she is terrified. She will fiind more than her roots as she travels through Scotland and Discovers a three hundred year old mystery and a love story.

Gayle Kretschmer - The Watermellon Patch

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                  Website - http/gaylek.tripod.com

What is the mystery surrounding his death? What are the valley secrets that turn this quiet, church-going community in rural Nevada upside down? The story is an intimate flashback to the 1950s, a coming-of-age saga. A time when kids hung out together and shared a chocolate Coke, not a sniff of cocaine or meth, listened to the music of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, and were awed by the "aboveground" testing of the atomis bomb. Will the shadows hovering over them all dissipate, making way for the sunshine of their lives as they once knew it?


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