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Math for the Family

Posted by Sylvia on February 9, 2011 at 10:39 PM



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Math for the Family

Who said math couldn't be fun? Math for the Family is a reference book, both educational and entertaining. I cover everything from before zero and numbers up through Boolean logic. There are no problems to work yet there are examples. Even though you may know how to add can you also add fractions and decimals? The same goes for all the other basic functions. This book is a great reference not only for every member of the family but for college students as well. There are 12 appendices from the multiplication table (through the 12's) to ascii table and Greek alphabet. Check it out:




Laughs From Corn Country

Having a rough day? Nothing like a good laugh to take the edge off. Laughs from Corn Country is an anthology of short, silly stories. Do your coffee cups rebel when you put tea instead of coffee in them? Do your teabags try to escape? Characters in this hilarious story come in the form of coffee cups, teabags, and even spaghetti.




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