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Review by Janet E. Smith  Author of Patric and Grace 

The Kahill family of WV is a close-knit family that could be anyone...but they were hardly as "normal" as they seemed. Laden with secrets in multi-generations, Dawson Kahill tries his best to protect his step-sister Kat, while his father remains behind in Mexico, hiding behind a bottle of booze.  Dawson's wife hides behind a box of chocolates and Kat has dreams of bigger and better things.  She heads off to New York City for a career in fashion designing.

The one constant in all of their lives is the beloved, although sometimes slightly curmudgeonly Granddady Kahill. He not only has to try to keep the family together, but he has to protect all of the secrets.

One thing I ove in a book is when the setting is almost like a character. Such is the case in Willow Walk, which S.K. Hamilton has done a magnificent job on, not only in describing it and filling the walls with the things those walls could tell" if only they and a mouth! She also did the beautiful painting you see on the cover. It reminds me of the weeping willow tree just outside our back door when I was a little kid.

S.K. Hamilton has made a smash with her debut novel. The only thing I regretted was that there were a few holes tha I wished I knew more about. Hopefully there will be a sequel that will fill in the blanks.


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           REVIEW BY JOYCE ANTHONY:  Author of - Storm   

Move Over Gone With the Wind

If I didn't know the truth, I never would have pegged The Kahills of Willow Walk as a debut novel. The entire novel was perfectly plotted, the characters well-developed and the vividness of the setting had me knowing exactly what it was like to BE at Willow Walk!

While this is billed as a romance, I'd define it more as a love story--love of family--past and present. The romantic elements are strong, but are only a minute part of the full picture---this book is so much more.

I found myself drawn in from the first page and have had the mis-fortune of not being satisfied with several books since reading this one--they just don't measure up. I am anxiously waiting for the release of the sequel, but what I'd like to see is for S. K. Hamilton to go back and write a prquel covering the generations of Kahills that have come before.

If this happens, I believe the novel would rival Gone With the Wind and provide modern-day readers with a piece of literature that would become tattered from the many re-readings it would incur.

The Kahills of Willow Walk is one book you don't want to miss.

   Joyce A. Anthony (Author of Storm)


Marvin D. Wilson (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - See all my reviews

I wouldn't have guessed "Willow Walk" as a first novel - it was very well written, with a nicely developed plot, excellent character development, and descriptive prose that brought an entire world to life. Hats off to author S.K. Hamilton, she has a worthy talent for authoring. The tone of the book is conversational, the style pleasantly folksy. I was thoroughly entertained.


Review by Bradley Simpson - Author of Dreamsbane of Tamalor, April 15, 2008

I have found myself drawn through a tale of great triumph and great loss. I was swept away as the various characters each realized their dreams in turn. Defining it solely as a romance would be a grave mistake because it has lessons of honesty and trust to impart as well. I would definitely recommend this story to those who have the courage to reflect on our modern world.


Billie A. Williams "Accidental Sleuths Solve ... (Amberg, WI United States) - See all my reviews

The Kahills of Willow Walk
By SK Hamilton
ISBN 0-9769969-2-0

The Kahills of Willow Walk, by SK Hamilton is a romance, not just your typical boy meets girl, boy chases girl until she catches him kind of story, but a real romance. You'll fall in love with Hamilton's voice, style and word choice as you grow to love Kat,
en't. We follow Kat's path into the exciting world of fashion with friends Deb and Bonny who provide contrast to Kat's devotion to family values and ties.

Valorie and Lincoln bring out Kat's tolerance and strength. As the old saying goes, no one ever enters our lives without a purpose, a reason for being there. Hamilton proves this again and again as Kat grows into the woman we would love to emulate. But it isn't just Kat's passion for her dream it's her heart that cares so deeply for those around her that makes this a
unique blend of romance, forte and deeply seated honor that is the back bone of the Kahill tradition.

Through the many twists, turns and surprises in this book Hamilton's pen is an equal match to this family saga that is only too short in the telling. The reader constantly wants to know more, follow a missing thread, to find out how Dawson got here, why Kat wound up there etc. All the while we wonder and hope for those side trips this author flawlessly leads us through to the heart warming and satisfying ending.

Pick up The Kahills of Willow Walk. Be certain you have a solid block of time to read it because, I guarantee you won't want to close the book until you finish it. SK Hamilton is an extraordinary story teller.


 Striking Melodrama Set in West Virginia, September 30, 2007


Ron Berry - See all my  reviews

 This is not a `dirty' book, but there is a lot of dust flying on the opening page! As you proceed through this book you will see a lot of dirty dealings and how well the primary players handle them. The Kahills of Willow walk is the story of one family's struggle to keep the namesake alive and in prime operating condition in spite of mounting turmoil.

You'll slide from the barn at Willow Walk estate to the sleek fashion world of Kat's boutique. Sylvia K. Hamilton treats the world of high fashion and family values very tenderly yet uses the power of her characters well and appropriately. Money affects different people different ways. As you read through these pages one can see how being more down to earth plays well in strong character building.

Cable, Dawson, and Polly Dee start the show. How do they fare at the end? Check out how Kat deals with the New York version of Lincoln. As time elapses, Dawson is married but his wife really fires up the action! Kat gets curtain calls and Val tries to call the shots. Who wins? By the time you've finished the first question you will want to ask, is, "More please?".


 New Author Shows Bigtime Promise, September 4, 2007


Carolyn Howard-Johnson "Author 'This is the P... (Los Angeles, CA USA) - See all my reviews

S. K. Hamilton has written a book both nostalgic and entertaining. She does so many things right, you'd never know that "Kahills" is a first novel. No cookie-cutter characters here. Beautifully drawn settings. In fact the location is very nearly a character in itself. It reminds me of my first novel, This Is The Place, and, therefore, is near to my heart. It also reminds me of the famous Fannie Flagg book, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: A Novel. Hooray for the taciturn grandfather in this book. Hooray for "Willow Walk."
Carolyn Howard-Johnson is the award-winning author of THIS IS THE PLACEand a book of creative nonfiction were place is also important, HARKENING.


Review from:  Hal Ornof - His wife wrote and published "Beyond Dancing." She was a paraplegic and has since passed away. Beyond Dancing is a heart warming read, one that no one should miss.

Hi All,
I just finished reading A wonderful book by Sylvia K. Hamilton (Pee Wee) titled "The Kahills of Willow Walk". I'm not a professional book reviewer, but this book had everything a good read should have; You are an
excellent writer

Reviewed by Joyce Scarbrough


When I was a teenager, I loved to read Gothic romances like the ones written by Dorothy Eden, Victoria Holt, and Phyllis A. Whitney. The stories always seemed to involve a young bride who married a handsome but mysterious man who moves her into the family home--a sprawling mansion with an evocative name and secrets lurking around every corner. They were usually set in the 1800s, and I loved the descriptions of the elegant dresses too. THE KAHILLS OF WILLOW WALK reminded me of these beloved books from my past, but this book offers modern bonuses that will make it appeal to all readers.

The Kahills are a close-knit family with a richly emotional past that's filled with plenty of secrets, and author S.K. Hamilton reveals some--but not all--of them with perfect pacing as she sketches each character in vivid detail. Brother and sister Dawson and Katarina Kahill are immensely likable in their devotion to each other and to their beloved grandfather, Jedediah, a crusty old gentleman who will steal your heart from his first scene. Factor in Kat's blossoming career in fashion design--with some wonderful descriptions of dresses every bit as elegant as those from the Gothic novels--her courtship by a wealthy playboy aptly named Lincoln Wolf and the places he takes her in New York City, a trio of mentally unstable women who are all out to thwart Kat and Daw's happiness, plus ghosts from their past that they must finally face, and you've got a family saga to rival any I've read before.

And since I've heard through the grapevine that there's a sequel to this book coming soon, I'll be watching my Inbox with bated breath for the release notification so I can find out about those other secrets the author teased me with!

                      Press Release

      THE DEVIL WEARS PRADAS meets THE KAHILLS OF WILLOW WALK, with some million-dollar differences.

      Remember the smash hit "The Devil Wears Prada"? The whole thing revolved around the fashion industry in New York City. Now you can breathe easier if you've been waiting for a sequel.  S.K. Hamilton has just what you've been looking for. The Kahills of Willow Walk takes you back to the same place but you get to look at it from an outsider’s viewpoint. Yes, Katarina Kahill, successful designer from small town Wheeling, West Virginia, suddenly gets her big break, but now you will get to see the same things you saw in The Devil Wears Prada--from the other side of the tracks. You won't want to miss it. It is available at Amazon.com or can be ordered at your favorite bookstores or from Hamilton’s website. www.willow-walk.webs.com

      Sylvia K. Hamilton was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. The beautiful countryside was her inspiration for the novel, The Kahills of Willow Walk. Hamilton says, “My favorite character, Granddad Jedediah Joseph Kahill is a carbon copy of my own dear grandfather, Roy J. Gary, Sr.”

      Now residing in Florida, she is retired from the decorating and fashion field and spends her time reading and writing. “Florida is nice,” she says, “but there’s no place like home.”

      The sequel to The Kahills of Willow Walk…titled…For the Love of Willow Walk was released in November 2010. Currently in progress is a third in the Willow Walk series…titled…Forever Willow Walk.

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